The Art of Movement

      Movement. Creativity. Inspiration. Exhaustion. Adrenalin. Passion. Commitment. Determination. Perseverance. All of these words loosely wrap up the past few months in preparation for The Gala. Using music and movement to captivate their audience ,our dancers have blown us all away, allowing their souls to shine through their bright smiles and hard hitting swag. We saw everything from lyrical to hip hop and each piece hit close to the heart. This, to me, is family. Grinding through the long hours of rehearsals and tedious attention to detail to bring it all together into one day of pure love for the art of dance. The talent we have here is undeniable. I see it in our senior dancers right down to our eager, young ones. DancEast has always held a special place in my heart and to have it back in my life has reignited my creative spark. To our amazing dancers -these special moments will pass you by way too quickly so hold on to each memory and take a look around. Encourage each other and always hold one another highly because this closeness will not be forever. Don’t forget how lucky you are to experience such an exhilarating expression of art through the unique movement of your body. Shelley has given us an opportunity of a lifetime to share this passion together so don’t forget it. Love each other and keep dancing.

Pura Love

I love this place. It’s my job, but it feels like anything BUT a job. I find myself “hangin’ out” at work, not wanting to leave! The atmosphere here is overwhelming. You walk in and you feel calm and collected. Not only do we have an amazingly inspiring staff, but our clients are so committed. I feed off the energy that this place gives me and I can never get enough. We offer so many amazing classes, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation, as well as Barre Vida – that’s where I come in. NO…Barre is NOT a dance class (I am also a Dance Instructor if you are looking to break it down ;) ). It’s a combination of Yoga, Pilates, and Dance into one, along with some booty shakin’ and sweet tunes :)! I wake up excited to get into class and introduce new stuff! I have been a dancer for over 13 years and have finally found something that has whipped my butt back into shape. I haven’t felt this much strength in my body since I was 17 years old, dancing 6 days a week. The best part? It’s FUN. You lookin’ to tone that bootay (aka your butt) and gain some core strength…come shake your Booty at the Barre ;) (instead of the Bar downtown). I love what I do and I love learning. This class is always moving forward and it’s pushing me to move forward. Kathryn, Chantal and Melissa have created such a loving and accepting space for the people of Moncton/Dieppe to explore and challenge themselves. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this amazing place. I love my job(s).


Do It Yourself Chalkboard!

My new obsession…chalkboard paint! I love crafting and creating and any time I can spruce up an older piece with paint, I take advantage! Since I have been painting a lot of large pieces of furniture lately, I needed a little change in my crafting. I saw a lot of different D.I.Y. projects on Pinterest that used chalkboard paint so I had to try it out! Let me tell you…best decision thus far! I already love chalkboards so being able to create my own chalkboard through a few layers of PAINT – blew my mind! The first project I started on was simply an old brown flower pot my Mom had passed down. Now I say project, but all this took was three coats of black chalkboard paint and some white chalk! I just love how I can change the message on the pot whenever I get bored! I also collected wine bottles (not hard haha) and soaked them in warm water to remove the labels. Then I just covered them with three coats of chalkboard paint (you can add extra layers if you feel its needed) and VOILA! Your very own chalkboard/wine bottle. I used mine in our bedroom (that’s my next room to do in terms of decor in our home!) and wrote L O V E on them ;) I will probably end up splitting them up at some point and using them as vases around the house too!  I purchased my paint at Kent Building Supplies, but I have heard Benjamin Moore has an amazing assortment of colors! Let me know if you get a chance to create your own chalkboard and what pieces you chose to paint! :)



welcome 2

welcome 1


Red Carpet Ready!

Its the most wonderful time of the year… the Oscars! The Academy Awards took place last night and although the awards themselves were the highlight, the fashion on the red carpet had everyone just as anxious! The looks stunned us all with bright colors, bold lips and baby bumps everywhere! The entire show was amazing, with Ellen Degeneres hosting and snapping a few selfies with other celebs, like JLaw and Bradley Cooper, – actually crashing Twitter with too many people re-tweeting the halarious photo! Everyone looked amazing last night, but here are my top looks from the event…

Lupita Nyong’o was stunning in this light blue Prada gown. The headband was bang on and completed the look…


Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture. This look was so flawless and the bold shaped neckline…I love


Kate Hudson in Versace; the color and cut…amazing.

kate hudson

My top couples of the night…

Matthew and Camila looked so chic and timeless. Matthew wore Dolce and Gabbana and Camila, a beautiful Gabriela Cadena gown.

matt and camilla

Lastly… Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis. Olivia was glowing!

olivia wilde\

What looks caught your eye? Let me know! :)

- Candace

Shelf Love …

Our shelf is finally here! I placed an order with Jon Black for a shelf for our dinning area and it has arrived! The best part? The entire thing is made from wood found at Dennis Beach, a site where a bunch of our friends all get together and camp, near Alma. I knew the shelf would look amazing and bring that rustic vibe into our home, but the fact that the wood comes from a place where many amazing memories were made with great friends, makes it that much more special. I absolutely love the “half-shelf” in the middle (Jon came up with this idea – amazing of course) and it makes this piece even more unique! Of course, I have a couple mason jars on there to vibe it out, one filled with wine corks (which I mentioned in an earlier post) and one filled with fresh flowers! I can’t, for the life of me, remember the name of these flowers. I usually stick to my usual white hydrangea, but I could not walk away from this beautiful pale purple. Those adorable little bird cages were a gift from my Nanny at Christmas! She has the best taste and they fit my style perfectly. The pine cones are from my amazing Mom (she collected them at our cottage in the Summer, washed them and let them dry out by a heater for a few days) and they add a little touch of nature! So happy to incorporate this piece into our home and can’t wait to continue to experiment and change the decor on it! Shelf love!

-Candace :)

I woke up like this

I know, I know. Beyonce is “the most overrated person in the world right now,” but … let’s be serious people, she can do no wrong (haha). I have loved her from the start and have no shame in being able to sing every word to (close to) every song she has released. Although the ridiculous media coverage of what she ate yesterday and what toy Blue Ivy is playing with today does not interest me I cannot deny that Beyonces confident swag does. Her latest album, Beyonce, shows you this in full force. You need a spike of confidence before you head out the door for an important day? Throw on Grown Woman and try to tell me you don’t feel…like a grown woman who deserves respect and is gun’ get it! Press play on Partition and tell me you don’t feel sexy. Put on Blow and tell me you don’t dance around feelin’ like you “run the world” (get it? haha) If you have not purchased this album yet, do it now! Beyonce may not be ending world hunger but she CAN and IS thrusting her swag at you through this album and allowing you to adopt that intense confidence for yourself! Happy Bey’in ;)

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Light and Bright

I love decorating my home, but I especially love building a look for a specific room through Pinterest. It can help organize your style into one solid idea. The more pinning you do, the more you see similarities in all your pins and then you can finally put together a visual plan for decorating! This has helped me beyond belief and the feeling you get when a room is finished…JUST JOKING…are you really ever finished?! I am always adding something in, spotting an “empty” space where an amazing white vase could go, or another table where a mason jar with fresh flowers would look “perfect.” The pictures below scream my style. I love white with the contrast of wood, it has such a rustic-chic look which has me written all over it. Adding in fresh cut flowers or plants to a room brings a breathe of life into it and completes the look. Chalkboards…don’t even get me started! I love the modern, yet old school feel a chalkboard brings into a home and I love writing little notes all over them (obviously). Re-purposing furniture is a huge pastime of mine. I am always sanding, priming and painting SOMETHING – I always have a project on the go. Although it is time consuming I LOVE creating my own unique look by putting paint on an old piece of worn furniture or doing something create with mason jars. My love for mason jars is insane…I don’t know why, but they just get me every time.  They are everything I stand for in the form of a tiny jar and can bring character to any room. I just started filling one up with old wine corks and it looks so cool! So, if you are having trouble bringing your ideas to fruition into one solid visual…START PINTERESTING!

Let me know what you guys think of my board below – and what your decor style is!

- Candace

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Fight Flu Season…Naturally!

Its flu season and avoiding those nasty colds naturally is the way to go! If you’re anything like me, you hate dosing yourself full of over-the-counter medicines sold at drugstores. About a month ago I decided to take matters into my own hands (or to Google) and came across a natural immune booster, Oil of Oregano! Yes, you guessed it! This is oil extracted from the herb Oregano, helping to maintain immune function. I take a shot glass, fill it with water, add 5 drops of oil and shoot it back like the worst tasting tequila you have ever had! Yes, that’s right, it may be beneficial, but be prepared to pop a piece of gum in your mouth immediately after because the taste is far from good (I usually suck on a lifesaver right after haha!) The flu has already gotten to you and you’re stuffed up? Put a couple of drops into a vaporizer and inhale it to find some relief! Although its great for your immune system, I have read that using it short-term for a span of 10-15 days at a time is best. Stay warm and healthy :)

Wood on wood on wood.

Supporting local is a great way to give back to your community, and Jon Black has made giving back easy with his beautiful wood designs. Cutting boards, benches, tables, wood art, these are just a few pieces his talent has shown to the art world. Each piece is created with a distinct uniqueness, and it shows. Jon has turned his passion into a living, allowing himself to grow as an artist along with his business. He took me through his new workshop a few days ago and I couldn’t help but snap some pictures. His work has brought substance to the art world and as long as Jon Black continues to create, we will continue to be captivated.

You can find Jon at the Moncton Market, Saturday’s 7am-2pm! Be sure to check out his Facebook page -Jon Black-

The Workshop