Softer Spaces

“Bringing awareness to walking, wherever you find yourself. Slow it down a bit. Center yourself in your body and in the present moment. Appreciate the fact that you are able to walk, which many people cannot. Perceive how miraculous it is, and for a moment, don’t take for granted that your body works so wonderfully. Walk with dignity and confidence; walk in beauty, wherever you are.”

Taking a breathe this past Thanksgiving weekend after a hectic start to my October. Letting all of the hard edges soften and allowing myself to absorb the beautiful, chaotic  color change in the world. Although this change happens every year, life always seems to pull us away from it, drawing our attention toward things that we will hardly remember the next time the leaves fall. Recentering, reconnecting and allowing myself to truly feel gratitude was a breathe of fresh air. The calm water, the woods, my family, the smiles, the food, all of these things pulling me deeper into my own understanding that balance truly is everything. The world will forever be beautifully disordered, but this soft space that has been created and developed over time, through love and light, will always offer truth. I never fully appreciated this place as a kid and now take every chance I get to soak it up. Opening my heart to all the beauty around me that sometimes floats into the background in my busy world. Balance. It’s all about balance.

Cottage Life

our view

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With Love

“And, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that…it lights up the whole sky.”

The second of August opened our eyes to love in all its entirety. Bringing together two people who had grown into one over the past 8 years showed all of those present what “unconditional” looked like. The Music Barn, the dress, the flowers, the dancing, the bikes and the beautiful bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen came together to create serenity; a true rustic chic wedding that will forever remain timeless. Each part of the celebration radiated loved, but most importantly, the bride and grooms style. Drinks were had, memories made (possibly forgotten after all the drinks) and a new chapter started. A laid back love, which we can all take something from.


my dress

breakin’ it down with the bride

Our dance girls

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Salt, Sand and Soul



“You can shake the sand from your shoes, but it will never leave your soul.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, but the past few months have been transitioning ones and no words really came up. My head was so clear while I lived away for a month that coming home to everything that was once familiar ended up being harder than leaving for a desert in Mexico where I knew no one. I woke up to waves every morning and sun filling my tent. Starting each day with a yoga practice that overlooked the ocean. The scenery and weather were a huge part of the trip, but the people I was surrounded with for 28 days were the experience itself. The things in which we shared with one another three days in created such a strong bond that no distance will ever be able to discredit it. Each day opened new doors to our souls and each day there was someone beside you listening whole heartidly. The oneness we had here will never leave me. It wasn’t just learning yoga poses it was learning about yourself. Learning about your flaws and perfections, the reasons you act and react in certain ways. We saw ourselves and each other for who we are, after peeling back all those layers built up over the years from experiences…good and bad. The disconnect from the world I knew so well was the healthiest thing I could have ever imagined. Immersing myself into a world that I knew nothing about with people I thought I would never really know (they became family) was a happiness I did not know until I was getting ready to say goodbye. I learnt how great people are. How accepting, compassionate and understanding those around you can be and how much love there is in places you don’t even know about. This place, those people (my family) …will forever be embedded in my heart. Everything I have learnt from them will carry with me, always, and my heart will be forever whole because of Yandara.

60 seconds to the beach from my tent.


Ma crib.

Beach-side pavillon… no big D

Saturday morning hikes over the ocean

Fresh veggie garden

On Sundays… we use the internet…

Tibetan bowls from Mercy

A beach near Yandara

The path to serenity

Every night… Satsyng…music and dancing created by them and us

My B’s

Find balance

Our beach

Our powerhouse

upside down in the sand

Yeah…we snuck in M&M’s…and snickers…and cookies and cream…and donuts…

This view

Every night with no distractions.



The pathway to a healthy meal everyday.

Living with a full heart from here on




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The Art of Movement

      Movement. Creativity. Inspiration. Exhaustion. Adrenalin. Passion. Commitment. Determination. Perseverance. All of these words loosely wrap up the past few months in preparation for The Gala. Using music and movement to captivate their audience ,our dancers have blown us all away, allowing their souls to shine through their bright smiles and hard hitting swag. We saw everything from lyrical to hip hop and each piece hit close to the heart. This, to me, is family. Grinding through the long hours of rehearsals and tedious attention to detail to bring it all together into one day of pure love for the art of dance. The talent we have here is undeniable. I see it in our senior dancers right down to our eager, young ones. DancEast has always held a special place in my heart and to have it back in my life has reignited my creative spark. To our amazing dancers -these special moments will pass you by way too quickly so hold on to each memory and take a look around. Encourage each other and always hold one another highly because this closeness will not be forever. Don’t forget how lucky you are to experience such an exhilarating expression of art through the unique movement of your body. Shelley has given us an opportunity of a lifetime to share this passion together so don’t forget it. Love each other and keep dancing.

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Shake It

This gallery contains 7 photos.

  I am always eating a ton of veggies, but sometimes I forget about adding in fruits to my daily routine. I love this shake because it takes 5 minutes to make and you get a huge dose of juicy … Continue reading

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Pura Love

I love this place. It’s my job, but it feels like anything BUT a job. I find myself “hangin’ out” at work, not wanting to leave! The atmosphere here is overwhelming. You walk in and you feel calm and collected. Not only do we have an amazingly inspiring staff, but our clients are so committed. I feed off the energy that this place gives me and I can never get enough. We offer so many amazing classes, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation, as well as Barre Vida – that’s where I come in. NO…Barre is NOT a dance class (I am also a Dance Instructor if you are looking to break it down ;) ). It’s a combination of Yoga, Pilates, and Dance into one, along with some booty shakin’ and sweet tunes :)! I wake up excited to get into class and introduce new stuff! I have been a dancer for over 13 years and have finally found something that has whipped my butt back into shape. I haven’t felt this much strength in my body since I was 17 years old, dancing 6 days a week. The best part? It’s FUN. You lookin’ to tone that bootay (aka your butt) and gain some core strength…come shake your Booty at the Barre ;) (instead of the Bar downtown). I love what I do and I love learning. This class is always moving forward and it’s pushing me to move forward. Kathryn, Chantal and Melissa have created such a loving and accepting space for the people of Moncton/Dieppe to explore and challenge themselves. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this amazing place. I love my job(s).


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Do It Yourself Chalkboard!

My new obsession…chalkboard paint! I love crafting and creating and any time I can spruce up an older piece with paint, I take advantage! Since I have been painting a lot of large pieces of furniture lately, I needed a little change in my crafting. I saw a lot of different D.I.Y. projects on Pinterest that used chalkboard paint so I had to try it out! Let me tell you…best decision thus far! I already love chalkboards so being able to create my own chalkboard through a few layers of PAINT – blew my mind! The first project I started on was simply an old brown flower pot my Mom had passed down. Now I say project, but all this took was three coats of black chalkboard paint and some white chalk! I just love how I can change the message on the pot whenever I get bored! I also collected wine bottles (not hard haha) and soaked them in warm water to remove the labels. Then I just covered them with three coats of chalkboard paint (you can add extra layers if you feel its needed) and VOILA! Your very own chalkboard/wine bottle. I used mine in our bedroom (that’s my next room to do in terms of decor in our home!) and wrote L O V E on them ;) I will probably end up splitting them up at some point and using them as vases around the house too!  I purchased my paint at Kent Building Supplies, but I have heard Benjamin Moore has an amazing assortment of colors! Let me know if you get a chance to create your own chalkboard and what pieces you chose to paint! :)



welcome 2

welcome 1


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