Date Night On A Dime

Date nights don’t have to put such a damper on the funds. It’s not about the money spent, but the memories made. The time of the $200 night-out has been replaced, people; the day of the cheap and chic date night…is in. Scan through these for some fun and money-saving ideas!

1. Go For A Hike – Enjoy nature and get moving!

2. 20 Questions – Find out even more about your other half by each writing down a list of 20 questions for one another!

3. Bowling – Make it interesting and place a bet on who buys the cheap beer you’ll be guzzling down.

4. Spa Night – Facials, Pedicures and Manicures, Massages and Foot Soaks. Relax together.

5. Test Drive Cars – Go for a spin at a car dealership in a car you both wanna try out.

6. Hide and Seek – Nuff’ said.

7. Trilogy Movie Night – Pick a Trilogy that you both love (ie. Austin Powers, The Hangover, Home Alone) and make a night of it.

8. Flee Market/Garage Sales – Go hunting for “stuff” – who knows what you’ll come across.

9. Sledding – Grab your crazy carpets and bundle up.

10. Drive-In – Skip the movie theater, hit up your local supermarket and cuddle up in your car.

11. Youtube Video Marathon – Be careful…these can really suck you in…for hours…

12. Fire&S’mores – Get warm and cozy :)

13. Visit Your Local Parks – Talk a walk through your local parks, get outside!

14. Board Game Night – Set up multiple stations of board games and move from one to another!

15. Backyard Camp-Out – Pitch a tent in the backyard, order some take-out and unplug for the night.

16. Mini-Golf – Put your skills to the test!

17. Bingo! – Head to the nearest Bingo Hall and try your best at the win!

18. Geo-Caching – Don’t know what it is? Google it then download an App.

19. Time-Capsule – Pick a few items that have a memory attached to them and maybe write each other a small note on 5 reasons why you love your other half. Bury it. Dig it up in a year.

20. Local Pub/Bar – Yes it’s nice to experience fine-dinning, but not all the time. Hit up your local pub or bar, grab some wings and beer and enjoy the simplicity.



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10 Down South Essentials

It’s that time of the year… where us east coasters experience copious amounts of snow and hibernate inside with hot chocolate (or wine) by the fire. I LOVE winter, but after getting more than four feet of snow over the past three weeks I am ready for my vacation…which starts today!! :) I fly to Cancun late afternoon and I figured I would share some of my Down South Essentials that I just can’t leave without. Before we start… MAKE A LIST. It allows you to cross things off that you don’t really need (aka. NOT essential to your trip) and reminds you of small, essential things you NEED (ie. toothbrush and gum for the airplane).

1. Cheap Sunnies

Don’t bother packing your expensive sunglasses because once the drinks start flowing they will be lost at sea! Grab a cheap pair (or two! – Aldo always has 2 for $20) so you won’t be devastated when you realize your $200 dollar sunnies are gone forever!


Ya…we all want a bomb diggity tan, but the sun is STRONG and even stronger down south. Lather up… you will still arrive home with that glow, scratch the redness.

3. A Good Book

Get real. Nothing is better than a good page-turner and the sound of the waves.

4. Bright Bikini

The brighter the bikini, the more your sun-kissed skin glows.

5.Coconut Oil

With hot sun comes dehydrated skin. After long hours in the heat its always good to have a moisturizer at hand when you get to your hotel room at night. Show your skin some love. My first choice is always coconut oil, but anything will do!

6. Sandals

Obviously your winter boots won’t be needed in the sand. Get some cute flip flops that can be easily slipped on and off throughout the day!

7. Beach Bag

Nothing like getting down to the beach and not having anywhere to put all of your “stuff” (sunscreen, sunnies, phone, book, beach cover-up). Any bright colored bag will do ;)

8. High-Waisted Shorts

Maybe not an essential for everyone, but in my books – a must have. They’re comfy and can make your day-time outfit look a little more chic and put together. Make your crop top look even cuter!

9. Hat

Some girls love a big floppy hat, but I’m more into the baseball cap myself. It can be flipped backwards when you wanna give your face a little sunshine and be swung back around to cover up to take a break!

10. Beach Cover-Up

I bought a small little cover up for $6.95 at H&M. This way when you need to head inside to grab a snack you’re not stuck putting on multiple layers! Think light!

The sun is calling my name! I need that Vitamin D – enjoy your week ;)

Lots of Love


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4 For The Booty

Booty Building takes time, butt (hehe) if you stay consistent it can pay off. These exercises not only tone your bootay, but engage your core. Here are 4 For The Booty that I love with tips on good alignment and endurance. Enjoy!

1. Single Leg Lift Start on all fours in table top. Flex the right foot, bring the knee up to approx. a 90 degree angle without moving the torso.

From this position, keeping the knee bent, lift the knee up toward the sky and back down to a 90 degree angle. 30 reps 3x each side.

TIPS: When starting in table top, knees should be directly under hips, wrists under shoulders. Spread the fingers wide and keep the heart reaching forward as you gently draw the bellybutton into the spine. Hips stay square to the floor.

2.Bridge Laying on the back, walk the knees in toward the bum so the heels are directly under the knees. Start tucking the tailbone as you gently lift it off the floor and peel each vertebrae off the ground separately to reach toward the sky. Lowering back down to the earth, setting each vertebrae down separately, tailbone touches the ground last. Repeat 30 reps 3x.

TIP: Keep squeezing the inner thighs together as if there was a block being held between them. Keep those heels under the knees!


If you feel comfortable and strong in bridge try extending one leg out (flex the foot, keep the inner thighs squeezing) and from here pulsing the pelvis up toward the sky. (VERY small movement)

3. Fire Hydrant Start on all fours in table top (Remember alignment tips!). Right foot flexed, knee bends directly out to side. Keeping the heart reaching forward, back of the neck long. 30 reps 3x each side.

4. The Cougar (From The Booty Barre Workout)

Begin in a squat, lengthen from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, palms can be gently resting on the ground or they can be at a hover. Pulsing the butt up and down (staying in a squat) 16 reps 3x.


Endurance Tip: Find your breath. I cannot stress enough how important it is to breathe while exercising. Find smooth, long, deep breaths in and out through the nose. This will help you to stay focused on the task at hand and even heat up the body.


Stretching: Pigeon pose is wonderful to stretch out the glutes if you’re feeling tight or overwhelmed. Start on all fours. Reach your right knee toward your right wrist, slide the left leg long to the back. Stay upright or recline over the legs into sleeping pigeon. If this is too intense grab a block or blanket and place it under your right butt cheek to lift you away from the earth. Still too intense? Recline onto the back. Bend both knees, soles of the feet come to the ground. Flex the right foot and place your right ankle over your left thigh. Gently draw the left thigh in toward the chest. Don’t forget to do BOTH SIDES!:)


{Leggings: Teeki, Sports Bra: Lululemon, Mug: Chapters, Nails: Bordeaux by Essie}

Thanks for stopping by! :)



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Mint For Your Muscles

Sore muscles? Instead of grabbing for the A535, explore a more natural way of healing. Using peppermint essential oil has many benefits, (aside from the bomb-diggity smell) including its ability to soothe sore and tight muscles. As we become more and more busy we often  don’t notice spaces in our bodies that start to become rigid and hard from stress and chaos. Dab a little bit of peppermint oil on sore muscles and within minutes you’ll feel the relaxing  affects.  Although essential oils are great, its defiantly important to remember to test out the oil on your skin to make sure you have no allergy to the oil or sensitivity. If your skin is sensitive in any way it works wonders to dilute the oil by mixing it with water or olive or vegetable oil. The smell of peppermint is awakening in times of fatigue and it not only soothes those tight muscles, but you can put a drop of it in your tea, (it’ll aid in digestion), rub a very small amount on your temples, near your sinuses, on your forehead or on the back of your head (STAY AWAY from your eyes or tears will flow) to ease headaches, inhale it or rub a tiny amount on your belly for any cramping or minor stomach pain. Seriously … take advantage. You’ll love the effects of reaching for oils more frequently versus all that other stuff in the cupboard that list ingredients you can’t even pronounce. ENJOY ;)

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D.I.Y. Dry Erase Board!

This cost me a total of $15 and it looks crisp and clean!

What You Need:

1 8×10 inch White Picture Frame (the one I used is from Walmart for $11!)

1 Pair of Scissors

1 Dry-Erase Marker (I got 4 for $2 from the dollar store)

1 Piece of Craft Paper (99 cents at Michaels – pick whatever design you like)

What To Do:

Remove piece of paper within the glass that the picture frame comes with, match it up to your piece of craft paper, cut it out, replace the old with the new and voila! Use it for cute notes or “To Do” lists! Enjoy :)

ps. This took only 5 minutes!



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Creamy one-piece

I picked up this snazZy jumper at H&M for…wait for it…$19.99! Yes – real life. The ONE day I walk into the mall vowing to myself I would not make a purchase…this whimsical one piece calls my name. I couldn’t pass it up and ended up buying it in not only cream, but black too (hehe). Class and comfort in one.

Tip: When buying a Onesie/Jumper I usually opt for a tight fit around the waist, that way the over-sized fit doesn’t look too overwhelming.

Remember – H&M is da bomb, BUT you can get carried away with all the low price tags…then when you get to the cash you’ve ended up spending over $200. Give yourself a controlled budget before you browse and you won’t have any buyers remorse!

| Jumper: H&M, Shoes: Aldo, Clutch: Aldo, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Aldo (set of 6 for $12) |



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D.I.Y. Coffee Body Scrub!

Yes – it’s wonderful to walk into any Bath and Body store and lose your mind over all the “to-die-for” scents they’ve created, but do you know what your putting on your skin? Furthermore, do you know what’s being absorbed through your skin, into your blood stream? Although our skin acts as a barrier, we still absorb any chemicals in the bath and body products we may be choosing. Make your own! Why not? It’s simple, cheap and smells UNreal. There are many different scrubs you can make at home, but the one I am forever addicted to is Coffee Body Scrub. I love coffee, BUT… I am a Yoga Teacher AND I teach in a room heated to 103 degrees Fahrenheit… so coffee and me have a very distant relationship (as in I cry sometimes because I can’t drink it as much as I’d love to). The smell from this scrub gives me my fix! Plus coffee is a major disease-fighting antioxidant!  It also has coconut oil in the mix which hydrates the skin and is also an antioxidant…making your skin younger-looking and smooth ;)!

What you need:

1/2 cups Organic Ground Coffee (you can ground beans yourself if you like – and obviously it doesn’t have to be organic – your choice!)

1 cup Organic Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Organic Brown Sugar

1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil (optional)

1 tablespoon

1 jar

1 mixing bowl

1 fork

What to do:

Mix it together with a fork! Throw it in your jar and start scrubin’! (in the shower…and don’t forget to rinse it off)

This will stay good for about 6 months, so use it up! F.Y.I my pictures don’t have the same measurements as above – I’ve made this so many times I just go with the flow now – no measuring:) BUT I do suggest measuring everything out your first try – Have Fun!



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