Mint For Your Muscles

Sore muscles? Instead of grabbing for the A535, explore a more natural way of healing. Using peppermint essential oil has many benefits, (aside from the bomb-diggity smell) including its ability to soothe sore and tight muscles. As we become more and more busy we often  don’t notice spaces in our bodies that start to become rigid and hard from stress and chaos. Dab a little bit of peppermint oil on sore muscles and within minutes you’ll feel the relaxing  affects.  Although essential oils are great, its defiantly important to remember to test out the oil on your skin to make sure you have no allergy to the oil or sensitivity. If your skin is sensitive in any way it works wonders to dilute the oil by mixing it with water or olive or vegetable oil. The smell of peppermint is awakening in times of fatigue and it not only soothes those tight muscles, but you can put a drop of it in your tea, (it’ll aid in digestion), rub a very small amount on your temples, near your sinuses, on your forehead or on the back of your head (STAY AWAY from your eyes or tears will flow) to ease headaches, inhale it or rub a tiny amount on your belly for any cramping or minor stomach pain. Seriously … take advantage. You’ll love the effects of reaching for oils more frequently versus all that other stuff in the cupboard that list ingredients you can’t even pronounce. ENJOY 😉

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