4 For The Booty

Booty Building takes time, butt (hehe) if you stay consistent it can pay off. These exercises not only tone your bootay, but engage your core. Here are 4 For The Booty that I love with tips on good alignment and endurance. Enjoy!

1. Single Leg Lift Start on all fours in table top. Flex the right foot, bring the knee up to approx. a 90 degree angle without moving the torso.

From this position, keeping the knee bent, lift the knee up toward the sky and back down to a 90 degree angle. 30 reps 3x each side.

TIPS: When starting in table top, knees should be directly under hips, wrists under shoulders. Spread the fingers wide and keep the heart reaching forward as you gently draw the bellybutton into the spine. Hips stay square to the floor.

2.Bridge Laying on the back, walk the knees in toward the bum so the heels are directly under the knees. Start tucking the tailbone as you gently lift it off the floor and peel each vertebrae off the ground separately to reach toward the sky. Lowering back down to the earth, setting each vertebrae down separately, tailbone touches the ground last. Repeat 30 reps 3x.

TIP: Keep squeezing the inner thighs together as if there was a block being held between them. Keep those heels under the knees!


If you feel comfortable and strong in bridge try extending one leg out (flex the foot, keep the inner thighs squeezing) and from here pulsing the pelvis up toward the sky. (VERY small movement)

3. Fire Hydrant Start on all fours in table top (Remember alignment tips!). Right foot flexed, knee bends directly out to side. Keeping the heart reaching forward, back of the neck long. 30 reps 3x each side.

4. The Cougar (From The Booty Barre Workout)

Begin in a squat, lengthen from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, palms can be gently resting on the ground or they can be at a hover. Pulsing the butt up and down (staying in a squat) 16 reps 3x.


Endurance Tip: Find your breath. I cannot stress enough how important it is to breathe while exercising. Find smooth, long, deep breaths in and out through the nose. This will help you to stay focused on the task at hand and even heat up the body.


Stretching: Pigeon pose is wonderful to stretch out the glutes if you’re feeling tight or overwhelmed. Start on all fours. Reach your right knee toward your right wrist, slide the left leg long to the back. Stay upright or recline over the legs into sleeping pigeon. If this is too intense grab a block or blanket and place it under your right butt cheek to lift you away from the earth. Still too intense? Recline onto the back. Bend both knees, soles of the feet come to the ground. Flex the right foot and place your right ankle over your left thigh. Gently draw the left thigh in toward the chest. Don’t forget to do BOTH SIDES!:)


{Leggings: Teeki, Sports Bra: Lululemon, Mug: Chapters, Nails: Bordeaux by Essie}

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