10 Down South Essentials

It’s that time of the year… where us east coasters experience copious amounts of snow and hibernate inside with hot chocolate (or wine) by the fire. I LOVE winter, but after getting more than four feet of snow over the past three weeks I am ready for my vacation…which starts today!! 🙂 I fly to Cancun late afternoon and I figured I would share some of my Down South Essentials that I just can’t leave without. Before we start… MAKE A LIST. It allows you to cross things off that you don’t really need (aka. NOT essential to your trip) and reminds you of small, essential things you NEED (ie. toothbrush and gum for the airplane).

1. Cheap Sunnies

Don’t bother packing your expensive sunglasses because once the drinks start flowing they will be lost at sea! Grab a cheap pair (or two! – Aldo always has 2 for $20) so you won’t be devastated when you realize your $200 dollar sunnies are gone forever!


Ya…we all want a bomb diggity tan, but the sun is STRONG and even stronger down south. Lather up… you will still arrive home with that glow, scratch the redness.

3. A Good Book

Get real. Nothing is better than a good page-turner and the sound of the waves.

4. Bright Bikini

The brighter the bikini, the more your sun-kissed skin glows.

5.Coconut Oil

With hot sun comes dehydrated skin. After long hours in the heat its always good to have a moisturizer at hand when you get to your hotel room at night. Show your skin some love. My first choice is always coconut oil, but anything will do!

6. Sandals

Obviously your winter boots won’t be needed in the sand. Get some cute flip flops that can be easily slipped on and off throughout the day!

7. Beach Bag

Nothing like getting down to the beach and not having anywhere to put all of your “stuff” (sunscreen, sunnies, phone, book, beach cover-up). Any bright colored bag will do 😉

8. High-Waisted Shorts

Maybe not an essential for everyone, but in my books – a must have. They’re comfy and can make your day-time outfit look a little more chic and put together. Make your crop top look even cuter!

9. Hat

Some girls love a big floppy hat, but I’m more into the baseball cap myself. It can be flipped backwards when you wanna give your face a little sunshine and be swung back around to cover up to take a break!

10. Beach Cover-Up

I bought a small little cover up for $6.95 at H&M. This way when you need to head inside to grab a snack you’re not stuck putting on multiple layers! Think light!

The sun is calling my name! I need that Vitamin D – enjoy your week 😉

Lots of Love


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2 Responses to 10 Down South Essentials

  1. SylviaG says:

    Sooo jealous you’re going on a trip! These definitely are the essentials, hope you have fun! Blog about it when you’re back. xoo

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