Date Night On A Dime

Date nights don’t have to put such a damper on the funds. It’s not about the money spent, but the memories made. The time of the $200 night-out has been replaced, people; the day of the cheap and chic date night…is in. Scan through these for some fun and money-saving ideas!

1. Go For A Hike – Enjoy nature and get moving!

2. 20 Questions – Find out even more about your other half by each writing down a list of 20 questions for one another!

3. Bowling – Make it interesting and place a bet on who buys the cheap beer you’ll be guzzling down.

4. Spa Night – Facials, Pedicures and Manicures, Massages and Foot Soaks. Relax together.

5. Test Drive Cars – Go for a spin at a car dealership in a car you both wanna try out.

6. Hide and Seek – Nuff’ said.

7. Trilogy Movie Night – Pick a Trilogy that you both love (ie. Austin Powers, The Hangover, Home Alone) and make a night of it.

8. Flee Market/Garage Sales – Go hunting for “stuff” – who knows what you’ll come across.

9. Sledding – Grab your crazy carpets and bundle up.

10. Drive-In – Skip the movie theater, hit up your local supermarket and cuddle up in your car.

11. Youtube Video Marathon – Be careful…these can really suck you in…for hours…

12. Fire&S’mores – Get warm and cozy 🙂

13. Visit Your Local Parks – Talk a walk through your local parks, get outside!

14. Board Game Night – Set up multiple stations of board games and move from one to another!

15. Backyard Camp-Out – Pitch a tent in the backyard, order some take-out and unplug for the night.

16. Mini-Golf – Put your skills to the test!

17. Bingo! – Head to the nearest Bingo Hall and try your best at the win!

18. Geo-Caching – Don’t know what it is? Google it then download an App.

19. Time-Capsule – Pick a few items that have a memory attached to them and maybe write each other a small note on 5 reasons why you love your other half. Bury it. Dig it up in a year.

20. Local Pub/Bar – Yes it’s nice to experience fine-dinning, but not all the time. Hit up your local pub or bar, grab some wings and beer and enjoy the simplicity.



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