Salt In The Air, Sand In My Hair

Well…I’m back. I’m actually staring out my window at a light snow-fall contributing to our 50 feet of snow that’s already on the ground (OK. I’m exaggerating). Usually when I choose to plan my vacation in the middle of Winter, coming back to snow makes me feel overwhelmed and frustrated. This time…not so much. Yes, Monday was extra hard, but after my morning practice, things gently put themselves back in order. I am surprised. Yet, I’m not really surprised. Post vacation blues always hits me, but not this time. “Back to reality” wasn’t even close to painful, because…well… my reality is good. I missed my family. I missed my “job” (if you want to call it that). I saw things in a different light and appreciated my own bed more than ever. My little brother moves soon (only 2 /1/2 hours away BUT still) which also started to sink in as I arrived back in Moncton. I’m appreciating, more than ever before, the fact that us East Coasters see each season flourish. I wish I could have the ocean always, but home really is home. I AM counting down the days until Spring, but I’m also livin’ while I’m countin’. It ain’t so bad…

That was my moment of appreciation for the day and now for my trip! It was incredible. A little “chilly” (haha…yes you probably want to slap me right about now) when we first arrived, but the sun beamed down for the rest of the week. Breakfast beside the ocean was breathtaking, the fresh guacamole was to die for (Brit, Vanessa and I ate it everyday), a wonderful date night that included a sunset dinner downtown Cancun was much needed, visitors (Rachel… the other half of my heart and Mike…he’s alright too), a wonderful massage on the beach and just pure relaxation. Long talks with my closest friends helped for a little re-connect and I couldn’t be happier to have spent my week in Mexico. Not even a year ago I was living there and I still can’t get over how lucky I am. In all aspects. Maybe heading Down South wasn’t in your cards this year, but go outside, feel the air and the sun (when it’s out) and let it all sink in. It’s not where you are or what you have, but who your time is spent with and your perspective. If you don’t like where you are, you’re not a tree… move (I mean this in the nicest, most gentle way possible haha).

This chaotic world won’t ever slow down, so why don’t you?


loungin’ on the patio

our view.


our view at breakfast.

sass sometimes.

We had visitors and I was beyond happy ๐Ÿ˜€

we tried.

our sunset dinner, downtown Cancun.

our room was light and bright (my fav ๐Ÿ™‚ )

my best.

Brit, Vanessa and I at Coco Bongo.

him and I, everyday. #nailchip


coconut drinks and this book (a light read that made me smile daily)

my best.

Our whole gang!

these babies snappin’ selfies

I want in.

massage on the beach.

selfies after supper

coco bongo

always lol’ing when he’s around.

upside down in the sand

Nic breathing into the sand


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2 Responses to Salt In The Air, Sand In My Hair

  1. arpederson says:

    Great photos! Looks like way too much fun!

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