Creamy one-piece

I picked up this snazZy jumper at H&M for…wait for it…$19.99! Yes – real life. The ONE day I walk into the mall vowing to myself I would not make a purchase…this whimsical one piece calls my name. I couldn’t pass it up and ended up buying it in not only cream, but black too (hehe). Class and comfort in one.

Tip: When buying a Onesie/Jumper I usually opt for a tight fit around the waist, that way the over-sized fit doesn’t look too overwhelming.

Remember – H&M is da bomb, BUT you can get carried away with all the low price tags…then when you get to the cash you’ve ended up spending over $200. Give yourself a controlled budget before you browse and you won’t have any buyers remorse!

| Jumper: H&M, Shoes: Aldo, Clutch: Aldo, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Aldo (set of 6 for $12) |



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D.I.Y. Coffee Body Scrub!

Yes – it’s wonderful to walk into any Bath and Body store and lose your mind over all the “to-die-for” scents they’ve created, but do you know what your putting on your skin? Furthermore, do you know what’s being absorbed through your skin, into your blood stream? Although our skin acts as a barrier, we still absorb any chemicals in the bath and body products we may be choosing. Make your own! Why not? It’s simple, cheap and smells UNreal. There are many different scrubs you can make at home, but the one I am forever addicted to is Coffee Body Scrub. I love coffee, BUT… I am a Yoga Teacher AND I teach in a room heated to 103 degrees Fahrenheit… so coffee and me have a very distant relationship (as in I cry sometimes because I can’t drink it as much as I’d love to). The smell from this scrub gives me my fix! Plus coffee is a major disease-fighting antioxidant!  It also has coconut oil in the mix which hydrates the skin and is also an antioxidant…making your skin younger-looking and smooth ;)!

What you need:

1/2 cups Organic Ground Coffee (you can ground beans yourself if you like – and obviously it doesn’t have to be organic – your choice!)

1 cup Organic Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Organic Brown Sugar

1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil (optional)

1 tablespoon

1 jar

1 mixing bowl

1 fork

What to do:

Mix it together with a fork! Throw it in your jar and start scrubin’! (in the shower…and don’t forget to rinse it off)

This will stay good for about 6 months, so use it up! F.Y.I my pictures don’t have the same measurements as above – I’ve made this so many times I just go with the flow now – no measuring:) BUT I do suggest measuring everything out your first try – Have Fun!



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Moving Forward.

Walk your path.

My New Year’s Eve is quite different this year. Change is good though. Every other year since I’ve been of legal age to consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol this night has been about sparkly dresses, high (HIGH) heels and drinks on drinks … on more drinks that led to the worst New Year’s Day headache you could imagine. Well, the headache is still here, but instead of being self inflicted, this year the flu got the best of me. After 2 long days of being out of commission, I woke up from a nap this evening and felt 50% (better than the 10% I’ve been at) and thought…”Why not write?” This past year has brought many changes with it. I’ve made my way through obstacles I thought I couldn’t and for that I feel more powerful than ever. I’ve found so much light through darkness, making me realize how it really is all about the journey, rather than the destination itself. I’ve found lessons from each new personality I have connected with and have come to enjoy and appreciate my own space and time alone. Balance has been a new theme in my life and I can’t wait to carry that into the New Year. I hope not just tomorrow, but everyday that you wake up you find your light. I hope this light makes you feel strong and liberated and I hope you remember it through all the ups and downs that 2015 may bring you. Forever moving forward.

P.S. Ya…I wore my VS jammies all night, gave myself a festive mani and watched Laguna Beach…and I couldn’t be happier.

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Coming Back to Yourself.

Take a deeper look into yourself and start to explore who you really are beneath all the layers you’ve built up. Caroline Myss takes you on a journey through this life changing book, Anatomy of the Spirit. You don’t need to be a Yoga lovin’, tree huggin’, hippy (but if you are that’s amazing) to feel the power this book projects. Dr. Myss takes you down a path far from Western thought of healing through medicine and connects you back to yourself, showing how your deepest thoughts, stresses, beliefs and experiences can so boldly be connected to your health. She will shine new light on your body and all the amazing things it does and CAN do for you if you let it. Words are a powerful thing and these ones should defiantly be absorbed.

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DancEast presents, The Nutcracker

After months of preparation DancEast’s, The Nutcracker took place last weekend, November 28th through November 30th, bringing an amazing semester of hard work to an end. Months of rehearsals that always included sweat and usually some tears made for the most beautiful performance. We often forget they are just kids. The pressure they put on themselves makes me happy and also a little overwhelmed. I want them to remember how great they each are, individually, because I remember being their age, wearing the same costumes and Tutu’s, feeling anxious and unsettled behind the curtains. The world of dance is a critical one, calling on corrections to feel gratified and pushing past the limits of not only your body, but your emotions. This production left the audience feeling proud and blown away. The holidays have arrived and being a part of this production only made mine that much more bright. These kids don’t know how great they are, but we do. We see it…always… and I can only hope that they start to see it too.


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Softer Spaces

“Bringing awareness to walking, wherever you find yourself. Slow it down a bit. Center yourself in your body and in the present moment. Appreciate the fact that you are able to walk, which many people cannot. Perceive how miraculous it is, and for a moment, don’t take for granted that your body works so wonderfully. Walk with dignity and confidence; walk in beauty, wherever you are.”

Taking a breathe this past Thanksgiving weekend after a hectic start to my October. Letting all of the hard edges soften and allowing myself to absorb the beautiful, chaotic  color change in the world. Although this change happens every year, life always seems to pull us away from it, drawing our attention toward things that we will hardly remember the next time the leaves fall. Recentering, reconnecting and allowing myself to truly feel gratitude was a breathe of fresh air. The calm water, the woods, my family, the smiles, the food, all of these things pulling me deeper into my own understanding that balance truly is everything. The world will forever be beautifully disordered, but this soft space that has been created and developed over time, through love and light, will always offer truth. I never fully appreciated this place as a kid and now take every chance I get to soak it up. Opening my heart to all the beauty around me that sometimes floats into the background in my busy world. Balance. It’s all about balance.

Cottage Life

our view

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With Love

“And, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that…it lights up the whole sky.”

The second of August opened our eyes to love in all its entirety. Bringing together two people who had grown into one over the past 8 years showed all of those present what “unconditional” looked like. The Music Barn, the dress, the flowers, the dancing, the bikes and the beautiful bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen came together to create serenity; a true rustic chic wedding that will forever remain timeless. Each part of the celebration radiated loved, but most importantly, the bride and grooms style. Drinks were had, memories made (possibly forgotten after all the drinks) and a new chapter started. A laid back love, which we can all take something from.


my dress

breakin’ it down with the bride

Our dance girls

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